GM A-body sedans, convertibles, el Caminos, 4-doors and station wagons.  Including Chevelles, Chevelle Wagons, Buick Sport Wagon, Oldsmobile Cutlass Vista Cruiser Pontiac Executive Sport Safari Tempest Lemans Chevelle Nomad Greenbrier Concours Estate GM Chevy Chevrolet. This is the worlds first and only all Chevelle wagon web site. Since 1994 Einstyn has been bringing you all the newest products and information specifically for the Chevelle wagon.
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This is the worlds first and original all Chevelle wagon web site. Since 1994  has been bringing you all the newest products and information specifically for the Chevelle wagon.

           This site was created in 1994 as a place to gather and coordinate ideas, creations and organizations about the Chevelle wagon.

             Due to the response of people restoring other GM A-body wagon and 4-door cars this site attempts to provide for them as well. Other A-bodies (Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile) including Buick Sport Wagon, Cutlass, Vista Cruiser, Executive Sport Safari Tempest, Lemans, Chevelle, Malibu, Nomad, Greenbrier, Concours Estate, ...

            This is the site to tie all us wagon addicts together making one giant wagon family across the world.  Welcome and please tell all your wagon buddies to save this as a favorite site. The bigger the network, the better it works!

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Hardtop Wagon

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        -   Rear Differential mods

        -   Rear Brakes & Suspension mods

        -   Front Brakes & Suspension mods

        -   Chassis Component Assembly

        -   Body mods & resto

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Since I have been working with Chevelle wagons, over the years the parts are getting much harder to find. I have been working feverishly to get as many wagon reproduction parts available as I can so that people will see there is an option to restore these old American wagons and not just use them as parts cars for Chevelles and then send them to the crusher. The more parts available to restore these wagons the more likely people are to choose to restore them. So check out my long list of wagon reproduction and NOS parts made available only thru this web site. Einstyn is the only supplier for many of these parts. If you see them anywhere else they were made by Einstyn. Every effort is made, even if it cost more, to have every single part and material used in these parts, to be made in America. At Einstyn I pledge to support our country's economy by doing business with local companies. This is just good business for all and the products cant be beat because they are made with Pride in the USA.

For clarification, A-body is the mid-sized vehicles like Chevelles, B-body is the full sized vehicles like Impala.

All parts are for Chevrolet unless otherwise noted with "B.O.P." (Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac).



(My son's Pinewood Derby Car 2011)

        My first car was a 70 Chevelle. Some years later I found a 70 wagon in a junk yard. I had never seen one but I didn't really appreciate it at first. I bought the whole car for parts, but after looking at it at home it really started to grow on me and I decided that this wagon will not be a parts car. After driving a wagon for some years you really can appreciate the versatility they offer. I can haul the kids, dogs, groceries, car parts and endless possibilities. I can tow a car trailer, a boat, utility trailer, camper, etcetera.

        I don't know how I could live with out it. I still to this day drive a wagon every single day. I have many and would be perfectly happy if they never made another car since 1972. I know I am preaching to the choir I know all you wagon guys get it.

       The links to the left will take you to just a few of my projects that I took the time to document. Hope it gets you stoked. Enjoy.




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             I am the moderator for the wagon forum and the web master for the wagon special feature page on Team Chevelle.

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