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Project “Super Wagon”

The 468 cubic inch displacement POWER HOUSE and Transmission.

     This part is under construction still. I will post more on this soon.

Actually at this time the motor is ready to be assembled. The idea that I had in mind for this wagon was a very high torque low RPM power plant what was very streetable for everyday use on pump gas. After lots of research, I decided on a 454 punched up to 468 with aftermarket fuel injection. I will lay it all out as time permits or as I get to putting it together. I want to finish up with the body mods first, then assemble the motor and th400 trans to go into the chassis before the body goes back on.

        -   Frame mods

        -   Rear Differential mods

        -   Rear Brakes & Suspension mods

        -   Front Brakes & Suspension mods

        -   Chassis Component Assembly

        -   Body mods & resto


        -   Options & Modifications

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