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Project “Super Wagon”

Some of the many options and modifications:

This is an improvement for the 70-72 Cowl Induction hood functioning by modifying the air cleaner cover.
    1). It will allow the car to have plenty of air when the CI is not open. Chevy went to the larger snorkel opening even on 305 engines.
     2). when the CI is opened (due to vacuum loss when you floor the gas pedal) the air rushes in from the higher pressure zone swirling at the windshield base. When the air comes into the air cleaner, a flap in the new snorkel closes to not allow the air to escape out the snorkel like it would in a stock set up.
      So what I have done is modify the factory CI cleaner by adapting a late model snorkel to it with the butterfly flapper, originally used as a emissions control device that allowed the carb to get warm air until it heated up, moved the pivot point up so the flap actuated opposite.
     Now the snorkel flapper works timed with the flapper in the hood, to close when the hood is opened due to lose of vacuum.
     This is from a late model caprice. I cut it away from the housing and disassembled it. Also notice the lower hole is the original and the upper hole is the new hole.
       I grinded the spot welds off to free the snorkels from both air cleaner housings. Look at the difference between the openings in the snorkels. It is a perfect fit!

         Below it shows the way the original condition. notice the pins location and the way the vacuum pod would effect the flap. it shows the vacuum applied condition (which is closed), it would be open with no vacuum.

       Now I will sand blast and weld it back up, then paint it. reassemble it and run a tee and vacuum line from the CI hood to this new pod on the snorkel.


      Bottom right is the new condition. notice the pin location in the new pivot point. roughly 3/8" higher. it is loose so the flap operates freely and seals tight in the snorkel. this pic shows it in the no-vacuum condition, when vacuum is applied it opens and yes an engine will start while this is closed. The second the engine starts a vacuum opens the flap. The flap is not flipped or rotated, just mover up to a new pivot point. It all works!  I will post finished product pics when I get them.


  Pulse wiper from 80 Camaro fits in 70-72 Chevelle with just filing the slot for the longer stroke on the switch. The motor has the extra lug for the green wire. it runs through the grommet thru the firewall to the switch. Use the connector into the back of the Camaro switch and splice your wire to it. done deal!
It must be 1980.
1979 or 1881 will not work.



  This is the rear sail panel courtesy light in a 71 4 door cutlass. I figured it would make a great addition to the sail panels in my wagon.



      Here is a NOS air deflector and to the right is some stick on led's. I want to wire them up under the air deflector to create a third brake light. I know of far too many cases of wagons getting hit in the rear when more lighting may have saved them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



      I have an NOS rear bumper still in the factory rubber coating. To the right is a home made class III trailer hitch. I took it off another wagon. I have used this hitch to tow other wagons and it works great.


          This is a NOS Coolant Level warning light and sensor. It was made for Vegas. It was critical to not let a Vega 4 cylinder over heat because t could warp the head, so GM came up with this way to detect if the coolant level got below a gallon low. if it does the light comes on so you can fill the radiator before damage is caused. I thought it would make an excellent addition and added protection to my wagon the sensor pickup mounts right into the radiator's tank and the indicator goes under the dash.



             This is a cruise control set up still in my 71 el Camino SS parts car. If I can get it to work with my fuel injection set up, that would be great. The bracket under the gas pedal that mounts the vacuum switch is needed too. It also is the same bracket and switch used for the cowl induction hood flapper.



      Here is wagon front and rear power door locks.


      Here is power vent window regulators and motors. They are a very rare option found on older cars like Cadillac. The vent window motor's are the same from '65 to '68 Cadillac for the vent change over in '68 to '72 Camino or Wagon. They should mount right in.


       I stumbled upon this interesting find. these are 1981 to 1985 ford escort or Chevy Vega remote left and right mirrors. The angle in which they mount to the door is perfect for the wagon. They look just like the sport mirrors but are a little stubbier looking. I am particularly fond of the passenger side remotness. The passengers side mirror control knob can be mounted on the dash to the right of the radio, but not on the dash face, on the part of the dash that juts back out at you. That is where they mounted it on a 73 caprice I saw once. It looks real original there. More pictures of completion to come.



      This is the path in which the power door lock wires, power window wires, power vent window wires and remote mirror cables will run.

The front is shown on the left and the rear is shown on the right.



      Here is a very rare item, the wagon rear fiber optic monitor system. It mounts on the rear passengers side roof post shown above. The three lenses illuminate when the light from the tail lights and the license plate pass thru the fiber optic cable.


      These are the front fiber optic monitors also called Vigilite. The fronts are still very rare but much easier to find because the fronts are the same and also used on Chevelles, el Caminos, Camaros, Montes and full size Chevys


    This was an interesting accessory, The luggage carrier. It would be tied down to the roof rack.


    Another very rare accessory, The NOS ski rack. It mounts to the roof rack and even has keys to lock it on.



      This is the rear defogger. It mounts in the passenger side rear hump. there is a flexible duct not shown that ducts the air to the grill that mounts on the spare tire hump. You can see the hole in the top of the cover.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  This is a radiator over flow tank from a 71 Skylark. I have not mounted it in a Chevelle yet but think it will make a great over flow tank for my wagon.


    A little frill, a NOS tissue dispenser/ litter container.


      I just thought I'd through this in for fun. I have a NOS passenger side quarter panel. I don't need it for the Super Wagon project, I just thought I'd show it since you probably will never see another one.



      This is a not too uncommon option, the windshield washer fluid level fiber optic monitor system. It mounts under the dash like so, and goes thru the firewall just under the drivers side hood hinge like shown. When the fluid gets low, there is a float that sinks to allow the light bulb mounted in the top of the fluid jar to be seen and transmitted through the fiber optic cable to the dash.


      more to come!

        -   Frame mods

        -   Rear Differential mods

        -   Rear Brakes & Suspension mods

        -   Front Brakes & Suspension mods

        -   Chassis Component Assembly

        -   Body mods & resto

        -   Motor & Transmission





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