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Reference Information for 68 - 72 Chevelle Wagons

    I have this page to help promote the preservation of Chevelle Wagons. My intent is to show people that there are plenty of parts available to restore these Wagons. I also have spent time searching for these parts and want to pass this info on to others.
    If anyone has anything to add pertaining to 68-72 wagons, please email me. I would love to add it.


Fisher body service manual 1970 tailgate section


Some basic tips:
     Frames: Wagon frames are unique and non interchangeable with 2 or 4 door car frames even convertibles. You however may use an el Camino frame. They have additional frame rail reinforcements. Which would require using the elky or convertible cross member and elky fuel & brake lines.
     The 68- 72 floors are the same as 67 2 door car floors.
     The front ends are the same as elky.
     The lower rear quarter panel patches from an el Camino will work too.
     I have every option available on A-body wagons and a pretty good knowledge about them.
     If any information is needed on a particular item, please email me.


With wagons becoming more popular, reproduction parts are popping up often. My best recommendation to find parts, new or used, is to go on Team Chevelle  there is a wagon section there that I post current links to wagon groups and suppliers. But the best thing is to go onto the tech page and find the wagon forum. That is the worlds best place to ask wagon specific questions.
    Disclaimer: There may be more then one supplier for these items. I do not favor one over the other. I am simply providing a source for parts. If any source mentioned here has a problem with the nature in which they are represented, please let me know. I hope I am being fair. Suppliers mention may sell the same part as other suppliers either mentioned here or not. This is just a list I compiled for my self to keep. I hope it helps. prices may very.
 Hinshaw's Chevelle Parts, 336-586-0802, has a good selection of reproduction wagon parts.
                                     parts are not listed on their site, you must call them.
 Year One, 800-932-7663, has some wagon parts also.
    I worked with a sheet metal manufacturer to be the first one to reproduce these perfect fitting exact duplication of the 68 to 72 GM A-body Station Wagon cargo pans. These fit Chevelle, Cutlass, Sport Safari, Tempest, Lemans and other station wagons with or without the third back seat. An offset lip is made into the pan to easily overlap the original metal for welding, screws or riveting installation.
I no longer am selling this. This is now being offered thru OPGI.  part number CH23674

Or you can get these new from a reputable distributor like  C.A.R.S for $259 it is not in their system yet and you need to ask for part number 14119.




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